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Fiet's history, vision and mission.

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Fiet's was born in Turin in 1929 and moved to the current premises of Farigliano. In 1960 it developed constantly thanks to the choice and capacity of the owners Renata and Giorgio Quaranta who, together with their sons, extended their qualified production.

Vision & Mission

We offer ourselves as a point of reference in the field of weaving and design in the creation of labels in Italy. A company constantly focused on innovation, quality and that, thanks to this, aims at growth in the sector.

Since its foundation, Fiet's has been inspired by principles that have guided every action and that make its way of working unique and distinctive. Principles that aim to promote relationships of trust with their customers through an agreed resolution of production needs.

We base our work on passion, on the development of our skills and on guaranteeing respect and protection of the environment.

We share our commitment to continuous improvement, transparency, sustainability and personal development with our customers. We want to enthuse them, creating experiences and products "sewn" on their needs and well made, working quickly and effectively to best meet all needs.

Fiet's boasts frames for the production of labels capable of satisfying all the demands of the clothing industry. The use of technologically advanced frames and the help of expert and creative artistic technicians and collaborators ensure that Fiet's is able to complete the image of your product in the best possible way.

The materials used are all of the highest quality, from the strength and practicality of polyester to the softness and delicacy of cotton. Fiet's boasts a tradition of quality and seriousness that has been handed down from generation to generation in order to best solve all your image needs.

Fiet's Company