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We create our labels in different ways, either from a graphic research by our costumer or with artistic development made by F.I.E.T.’S. after consulting the costumer's needs. 

So, after the preparation phase through a storyboard, we come to the final draft of label for the customer approval. 

When the label image has been approved we translate it into an electronic format, then into a textile format and in the end into the traditional warp and weft threads. We would like to remind you that weft is created from horizontal threads woven on the loom while the warp is made with vertical wires.
In this context we also select colours and we also coordinate them on the base of the approved draft. 

Then, with a sophisticated electronic system, all the data used for weaving are transferred to the weaving loom, and then switched to manual preparation of the machine, setting the weft in the colours required, and the warp in white, black, red or transparent nylon. 

At this point begins the production process by using different looms depending on which are the customer’s needs.

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