Fiet 's Fiet's , located in Farigliano, is an advanced packaging company for woven labels, able to meet all the demands of the clothing industry. Quaranta's family is environmentally friendly, so the production of labels is due to the energy produced by the photovoltaic system. Looms Accuracy, care, efficiency and speed are our strengths. Last generation frames, expert and flexible staff, allow us to meet every customer's demand quickly and as the market today demands. Specific machines are used for each type of workmanship; Muller selvage looms, Dornier air looms, Promatech rapier looms. Woven Labels The materials used are all of the highest quality, from the durability and practicality of the polyester to the softness and delicacy of the cotton. The workings and materials used are: Taftas, Satin, Satin & Nylon and High Definition. They are also divided by types of external selvages: Soft Edges and Slit Selvedges